Personal Development Coaching

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves.” -Carl Jung

The core of my personal development coaching is based around self-inquiry, expanding self-awareness and mindfulness. Through the practice of self-inquiry we learn to know ourselves and unfold our deeper potential in life.

Hungry for change? You want more in your life? Something different? Ready for fun and interesting exploration of your inner works? Then you’re likely a very good candidate for coaching.

As much as coaches love to work with everyone, the truth is that not every coach is a good fit for you. It’s best to get a sense of what working with a particular coach will be like for you.

The cool thing about this is that you will get a test-run and it won’t cost you anything, and you will already get some very valuable experience out of it – regardless of whether we continue to work together or not.

Benefits of Personal Development Coaching


  • Higher life satisfaction and happiness


  • Better conflict transformation


  • Increased capacity for dialogue


  • Targeted troubleshooting


  • Leading a more conscious life


  • Improved time management


  • Better focus


  • Expansion of own domains of knowledge and experience


  • Heightened awareness


  • Improved self-awareness


  • Increase in self-reflection


  • Calmer challenge confrontation


  • Better utilization of Emotional and Social Intelligence


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