Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching is an important part of your educational journey to becoming a professional coach and a master of your craft. It is a learning process, and the ultimate goal is for you to feel that you are growing and improving your skills as a coach. Ten hours of mentor coaching is also a requirement for those pursuing or renewing an ICF credential.

In compliance with the ICF’s definition of mentor coaching, my mentor coaching will focus on mentoring students on their coaching skills only. My mentoring will not focus on practice building, life satisfaction or other topics unrelated to the development of your coaching skills, especially as they relate to the ICF’s core competencies.

Benefits of Mentor Coaching

You get to record and listen to yourself coach. Just listening to yourself coach will make a difference in providing you insights on your strengths and the coaching competencies you need to work on.

You get to listen to yourself with your mentor coach also there offering feedback. Often beginning coaches are way too hard on themselves. Here is a chance for you to listen to yourself with a supportive mentor coach. It might not be the most pleasant to hear yourself on a recording. But seeing what you’re doing right, and getting tangible ideas for what to do better, is priceless. You will leave the mentor coach session overviews with action steps to make you a better coach, which feels great.

You get to include your feedback in your next client session. When you include the feedback in your next client session and hear the difference that the feedback makes and yourself improve as a coach, it gives you a boost. You can actually chart your progress, and especially shared with your coach and peers, it’s a cause to celebrate and gain confidence in your coaching skills.


  • Recognize your coaching strengths and use them with intention


  • Discover unconscious habits that impact your coaching presence and the results


  • Identify your own biases and beliefs and learn how to work with them


  • Increase your capacity for active listening and authentic curiosity


  • Explore ways of accessing your inner wisdom


  • Expand your somatic coaching skills


  • Become more attuned to your client’s developmental path


  • Deepen your trust in your client’s inner wisdom and attune your coaching to it


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