Leadership Coaching

One of the biggest challenges current and future leaders face is to be able to “lead themselves” before going out and attempting to lead others. Being grounded and as clear as possible on your own values, preferences, ways of working and communicating with others and ways of doing things, especially in times of stress and pressure, is a vital first step to becoming an effective leader.

The primary focus of my leadership coaching is on helping you understand your leadership DNA, become aware of your strengths and weaknesses, expand your self-awareness and mindfulness, expand your capacity for complexity, develop the dimensions of your emotional and social intelligence and help you grow beyond your current edges.

Leadership DNA

Benefits of Leadership Coaching
  • Gain greater awareness of your leadership style and the impact on others
  • Understand your internal assumption making and belief creating processes
  • Develop more effective decision making skills
  • Re-calibrate your leadership purpose and personal/professional values
  • Understand, revisit and overcome self-limiting beliefs
  • Create a powerful vision and action plan for your leadership
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