When you think of inspiring leaders who’ve made a difference in your life, what comes to mind? What do you see as the key elements in conscious leadership? Many people will answer with things like charisma, intelligence, foresight, vision and passion. Some, who have studied conscious leadership a bit, will add things like empathy and emotional intelligence. However, very few people will immediately think of the word “curiosity” when they think of the factors that make a great leader.

Curiosity is a magic medicine. It is the antidote of righteousness, defensiveness, closed views, and judgment. It is the lifeblood of expanding self-awareness and collective consciousness.

In a world that seems to be constructed out of duality, curiosity reveals access to the shades and opportunities beyond polarities. Learning to become a conscious leader means to stand in the cornerstone of curiosity as we want to grow our self-awareness from which we understand the impact we have on others and the impact others may have on us. Here are just a few reasons why curiosity is a cornerstone of conscious leadership.


Curious Leaders Listen More than They Speak

While a conscious leader will give direction, recommendations, and insights, you’ll notice that they generally listen a great deal more than they speak. A conscious leader wants to know how their employees are doing, what challenges they’re facing, and how they’re approaching problem solving. They also genuinely care about their employees and honestly want to know what’s going on.

Instead of waiting for your turn to talk or interrupting one of your team members as they try to explain a situation to you, really be present and listen to everything they have to say. You may be surprised at the solutions they’ve come up with on their own, and you may find more insights into the situation once you’ve learned all there is to know about it. Use your authentic curiosity to learn about others and yourself by asking open ended, powerful questions. Curiosity is key to developing your emotional intelligence, expanding your self-awareness and revealing the system to itself.


Build Better Relationships

Of course, curiosity goes much farther than simply looking for new ways to do things and new innovations for products and/or services. It also extends to your team and all of the people in your life. If you are honestly curious about them, then it will show in your interactions with them, and they’ll feel more important and more appreciated.
Now, this does not mean that you need to be nosy or pry into others’ personal affairs. However, you should be honestly and authentically curious about how others are doing, how their work is affecting them, and if they have any recommendations for improvements. If your team knows that you’re open to suggestions for change, then they’ll be more likely to let you know what works and what doesn’t in your system.


Never Burn Out

Finally, curiosity is key to keeping your passion alive and avoiding burnout. If you can maintain your curiosity, then you will maintain your sense of adventure, discovery, and delight in your work. This will show in how you talk about your work when you’re networking with potential partners and investors, as well as with your team, your competition, and everyone else you speak with. True curiosity and joy in your work will be infectious for the people you work with and partner with.

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