For a lot of old-school business theorists, the idea of creativity in leadership is more than a little bit off-the-wall. Traditionally, a leader was someone who set boundaries, created and enforced rules, kept order in the hierarchy, and was overall an organizing force in a company. Well, in some ways this hasn’t changed, but in others it has changed dramatically. The IBM study “Capitalising on Complexity”, 2010) found that “creativity is now considered by chief executives worldwide as the number one quality that leaders need to possess, with 60 per cent of them naming it as their top priority”. However, when it comes to execution, neither CEOs, nor businesses and organizations at large, not to mention governments, support it.

So what’s going on? Creativity is often defined as the basis for “disruptive innovation and continuous re-invention”. This requires bold actions and carries challenges in itself. A readiness to change the status quo, even if it is successful, being comfortable with ambiguity, commitment to experimentation and trust in revealing the system to itself are the characteristics of a conscious leader who fosters creation and lives in abundance.

As a conscious leader, you have the opportunity to really play to your team’s strong points, minimize weaknesses, improve communication, and create a company culture that’s vibrant, innovative, and highly productive. To do this, though, you really must be present to what the system is asking for.


Creativity Is Not On Call

Ask writers about creativity and they will tell you that you can’t force it. Ask businesses about the success of planned creativity off-sites and you will often hear that it wasn’t really fruitful. Ask musicians about composing songs and how numb they felt when they tried to enforce it. Creativity is simply not on call. For creativity to emerge, we need to be connected to our essence, which is automatically the connection to collective consciousness. The system reveals itself and creation happens. As a conscious leader you notice when you and your team are standing in your own way by trying to be creative and you will become curious about the restraining thoughts and fears that keep creativity imprisoned. You are holding a paradox in your leadership by being aware and feeling the pressure of business and at the same time living in abundance for the sake of fostering creation.


Creativity Opens New Doors

If you are a conscious leader, then you will be open to a lot of new processes, approaches, and systems that could open all new doors for your business. If you allow room for creativity in your business practices, you’ll be able to re-think how you do things and how you structure your team. You’ll be open to paradigm shifts and positive organizational change that can increase productivity and launch your business to the next level.


Great Ideas Come from All Levels

Your own creativity isn’t all that matters, though. Old leadership theories would have you enforce a strict hierarchy, and all ideas and recommendations would be passed along the chain of command. You would never have a lower level employee come directly to you to discuss their idea for a better process on a project. However, conscious leaders know that great ideas don’t just come from the top brass and that these ideas need to be fostered and encouraged, not quelled.

If you encourage creativity in your team, at all levels, you will have more resources for great ideas. You’ll also foster a more positive work environment with better morale. You can see, now, how creativity is an incredible tool for productivity, communication, and organizational change.

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