A great opportunity for increasing your business and personal performance. This is a 3-day experiential retreat in April 2016 in the Denver, Colorado vicinity. Get an energy, engagement and commitment booster for your team. Elevate your business to the next level. This is what you are going to take away from this inspiring retreat:

+ Allocate time better and be less reactive.
+ Create space for strategic thinking which will enable you to prioritize better.
+ Learn to significantly reduce stress and overwhelm.
+ Expand your ability to work creatively with customers/clients/donors and with your team.
+ Learn to efficiently and effectively manage up, down, and all around with ease which reduces turnover on your team.
+ Better attract, recruit, and retain great team mates, and strengthen your ability embrace change as opportunity.
+ Bring back valuable learning and share with your team.

If you register before January 15, 2016 with the Early Bird registration, you will get an additional US$ 100 Holiday Discount!
Use the code “HOLIDAY” and register NOW!

For more detailed information visit the website freedomretreat.org

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