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Personal Development, Leadership & Mentor Coach

Coach Adi, PCC, CPCC

Coach Adi is an Executive Coach and Leadership Developer who designs and facilitates leadership development and coaching programs, mentors coaches and supports leaders with one-on-one coaching. He has over 30 years of international experience in corporate management, is adept with banking, international trade finance, and setting up operations in diverse industries. Adi is fluent in German, English, and Japanese. A native of Germany living in Japan with his wife and children, Coach Adi is a lay practitioner of Buddhistic teachings. You can join him on Insight Timer for meditation.

“I’ll help you discover, practice and develop your best version of a coach and a leader, and how to live an awakened life, connected with the openness and softness of your heart!”blank

“Remember your heart! Wisdom is right there. Suspend your brilliant mind. Find your essence, see all the possibilities, stop unwanted habits, transform limiting beliefs, be one with nature, use earth wisdom, experience life. LEAD YOUR LIFE WITH INTENTION!”
Professional Certified Coach
Karim El Battawy

It has been a wonderful experience that significantly exceeded my expectations; We had 10 mentoring sessions over 4 months and I really look forward to a lifelong relationship; I found Adi very grounded as a coach which makes him able to connect mentally, emotionally and spiritually throughout the journey, that made the mentoring relation very unique in terms of pace and attunement.

I found his comments are very constructive, spot on and in a way that I could relate to most of the time, we were able to conclude some really good developmental areas to work on and he has richness in tools and exercises that made the practical and experiential part exceptional.

Thank You Adi!

Karim El Battawy

Facilitator and Executive Coach – Leadership Transformation
Sumie Kawakami

Now I see a lot of improvement in other parts of my life. My relationship to my colleagues improved significantly. Because I feel a bit more comfortable with myself, I feel I have more room for other people. I’ve started to see their agendas and to feel more compassionate. People did notice my changes, too. At work, I always felt like I was a stranger inside my own body. I am still learning to unstuck myself from the role I had slotted myself in. I am starting to see other possibilities.

Sumie Kawakami

Writer, Journalist and Translator
Barry Louie

To make a long story short, firstly, Coach Adi helped me to identify various problems and then act on them. Most of our problems are caused by ourselves. He also taught me different techniques to listen to and understand others. I realized that I wasn’t as good a listener as I thought it was. In summary, through his various experiences, Coach Adi can help you by considering all angles and will assist by helping guide you to find and develop an attack strategy of your own.

Barry Louie

Key Account Manager at Booking.com

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